• Giving Back

  • Giving Back

Giving Back To The World

We do more than just give people healthy smiles at Precision Dental. We’ve also made it our cause to help people around the world to have a reason to smile! Here are some of the service projects our practice has helped fund.

Bringing Water To Uganda

We worked with Planet Changer to help fund a water well in Uganda. Planet Changer is a small charity that works directly with communities in developing nations to reduce poverty. We have made a commitment with them to fund one new water well each year. Good nutrition and access to clean water are so important for clean teeth. Just take a look at these smiles!

Building Libraries

Books For Cambodia supports education and libraries in rural Cambodia. They are a New Zealand charity that buys books, trains librarians, and establishes or renovates libraries for child education. We send money to this charity to support one new library a year.

When you get your dental work through us, you don’t just get a healthy and beautiful smile. You also help us to contribute to these great causes. If you want more information about these charities and our efforts, please feel free to contact us and visit their websites.

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